What is the GenerLink?

The GenerLink is a Meter Mounted Transfer Switch that allows you to power your home or cottage in the event of a utility power outage.


Does the GenerLink automatically transfer back to hydro when power is restored?

No, as long as generator power is present the GenerLink will prioritize generator power.

Who can install a GenerLink?

Typically a GenerLink install requires a licensed electrician. For confirmation, we recommend that you contact your utility authority for further information.



Is the GenerLink certified for Canada?

Yes, the GenerLink is CUL certified for use in Canada and approved by many utility authorities. The following provinces do not approve of the GenerLink at this time: BC, QC, NT, NU.


Why should I choose Surge Protection?

Surge protection is always recommended unless you already have a whole-home surge protection device in place on your main electrical panel. The surge module has an audible alarm to notify you when you take a hit! There are further options for electrical panel surge protection available by other brands in our store click here.


Do we have a list of meter bases that generlinks are not compatible with?

GenerLink is for 200 amp or LESS meter socket that is form factor 2S (Reference link:


Is my item covered by a product warranty?

You may contact Global Power Products, Inc.
at 225 Arnold Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, or
call at 1-800-886-3837 to receive instructions on how to avail the warranty of the GenerLink™.


If my product is no longer within the warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

You may contact Global Power Products, Inc.
at 225 Arnold Road, Lawrenceville, GA 30044, or
call at 1-800-886-3837 to receive instructions on how to avail the warranty of the GenerLink™ unit repaired and/or replaced.


If my product is within the warranty duration, do I need to pay for repairs?

That will depend on the manufacture. You may need to contact Global Power Products, Inc. at 1-800-886-3837.


Aside from 20' cord, do you have other longer cords?

Yes, we have other cords which you may purchase separately. Below are the the prices:

20′ Generlink Cord – $449.99 (shipping $35 – tax not yet included)
40′ Generlink Cord – $509.99 (shipping $35 – tax not yet included)
60′ Generlink Cord – $609.99 (shipping $35 – tax not yet included)

Below are available for special orders:
80′ Generlink Cord – $699.99 (contact us for the shipping rate – tax not yet included)
100′ Generlink Cord – $829.99 (contact us for the shipping rate – tax not yet included)


How to Setup Generlink?

Setting up the GenerLink involves several key instructions to prepare for a power outage. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Read the Instructions: Carefully read all the instructions provided with the GenerLink unit before proceeding with the setup.

2. Prepare in Advance: The best time to prepare for a power outage is before it happens. Be proactive in your preparations.

3. Identify Appliances on Each Circuit: Determine which appliances are connected to each circuit breaker. Note that one circuit breaker may control multiple appliances. To make it easier during the outage, consider affixing labels to each circuit breaker listing the appliances it controls.

4. Know Power Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the power requirements of the appliances you plan to use during the outage. Take into account the capacity of your portable generator. You can find sample worksheets in the GenerLink manual to help with this.

5. Check the Status Light: Ensure that the green status light on the GenerLink unit is illuminated. This light is located on the collar behind the connection cord below your electric meter. The yellow status light may also be illuminated, and this is considered normal.

6. Verify Audible Alarm: If your GenerLink unit is equipped with optional surge protection (Model #MA23-S), make sure it is not emitting a constant audible alarm. Refer to the Audible Alarm section in the GenerLink manual for more details.

By following these key instructions, you can safely and effectively set up your GenerLink unit to be prepared for potential power outages and to use your portable generator efficiently. Always prioritize safety and carefully follow the manufacturer’s guidelines during setup and usage.


How do I Start-Up my Generlink?

GenerLink Start-Up Procedure:

Before starting GenerLink, ensure you have reviewed the generator manufacturer’s owner’s manual and understand its start-up procedures.

STEP 1. Turn off all circuit breakers in your breaker panel.

• Locate your breaker panel and switch off all circuit breakers to ensure no power is flowing through the system.

STEP 2. Position your generator and connect GenerLink using the GenerLok™ power cord.

• Move your generator to the desired location near GenerLink.
• Use the GenerLok power cord and insert the four-blade plug into the corresponding 20-, 30-, or 50-amp, 120/240-volt outlet on the generator.
Note: Only use a connection cord fitted with GenerLok, and do not connect to a three-blade generator outlet or one rated higher than 50-amps.

STEP 3. Plug the GenerLok power cord into GenerLink.

• Find the ‘thumb guide’ on the GenerLok connector and align it with the front of the GenerLink receptacle.
• Insert the connector and listen for a snapping sound, indicating that it is locked in place.
• Ensure the ‘thumb guide’ is correctly aligned and the connector is securely locked.

STEP 4. Turn off the idle setting on your generator.

• If your generator has an idle setting, disable it to ensure it operates at the correct speed and voltage.

STEP 5. Review generator starting procedures in the owner’s manual and start your generator.

• Follow the specific instructions in the generator owner’s manual to start the generator safely.

STEP 6. (Optional) Check for surge protection.

• If your GenerLink has optional surge protection (Model #MA24-S) and emits a constant audible alarm after starting the generator, it is still safe to operate. The alarm indicates that the surge protection components may require service.

STEP 7. Select the appliances that need emergency power.

• Determine the capacity of your generator and consult the Appliance Energy Guide in the GenerLink manual.
• Identify the circuit breakers in your home’s breaker panel for the appliances you can support and turn them on one at a time.
• Start with larger motor loads, such as refrigerators, and allow the generator operation to stabilize before starting the next load. Proceed to smaller motors and then appliances without motors, like lights.

STEP 8. Refuel your generator.

• Before refueling, turn off all circuit breakers in your home’s breaker panel.
• Follow the refueling instructions in your generator owner’s manual.
• After refueling, begin with Step 1 to reconnect the loads and appliances.

STEP 9. Handle tripped circuit breakers.

• If the generator’s circuit breaker trips during operation or setup, turn off all circuit breakers in the breaker panel.
• Reset the circuit breaker on the generator and restart it if necessary.
• Reconnect the loads following the procedures outlined in Step 7.

STEP 10. Determine when utility power is restored.

• Check the green status light on GenerLink to see if it’s illuminated.
• If the green light is on, utility power has been restored, and you can reconnect to the utility.

To reconnect to the electric utility:

A. Turn off your generator and listen for a ‘clicking’ sound from the GenerLink unit, indicating the power transition to the utility has occurred.
B. Set all circuit breakers on your breaker panel to the ‘on’ position.
C. Unplug the generator from GenerLink by gently pulling down on the metal locking ring at the top of the GenerLok connector.

• Store your power cord in a safe and dry location.


Can I use GenerLink during inclement weather?

GenerLink is completely sealed inside the meter socket and does not represent a hazard; however, generators should not be operated during rain or snow unless they are protected from the elements. Please consult your generator manufacturer, distributor and/or owner’s manual for instructions on the safe operation of your generator.


Is there a fee for becoming a partner?

We only request some loyalty in exchange for membership, which is free. When you enroll in our program, we may really offer you recommendations in addition to providing contractor rates. Users from all around Canada get in touch with us to ask about local installers.


What are Surges?

A surge is a sudden, unpredictable, powerful increase in voltage that can damage or destroy household appliances and electronic equipment. Surge damage can happen all at once in cases of high voltage surges or over a period of time when lower voltage surges are experienced consistently.


Can I leave a Generlink connected to a non-running generator at all times?

The GenerLink features a built-in safety function that prevents the generator’s electricity from being sent back into the utility lines, preventing potentially hazardous circumstances for you and utility service people; nonetheless, it should only be plugged in while in use.


Which plug style will I need?

Double checking your generator’s output connections to ensure you’re choosing the right unit is important. If you’re still unsure, please see your generators owners manual or our generator
compatibility guide click here


Which unit will fit my generator?

Please see our generator compatibility guide  click here


How will I know power has been restored?

The Generlink has led lights on the unit that will identify when utility power has been restored.

What lengths of cord can I get?

We offer a 20, 40, and 60 foot option, 80 and 100 foot are available by special order. (40A GenerLinks are only recommended for cord lengths up to 60 feet.)

What sizes do the Generlinks come in?

The Generlinks is available in a 30A and 40A options.



Is Generlink available in Quebec?

Currently, Quebec has not approved Generlinks. We advise you to get in touch with your utility provider and find out when they anticipate approving Generlink solutions. Should we learn of the approval earlier, you will be added to our list of contacts in Quebec to notify.



For bonded neutral generators, do I need to convert to floating neutral to make it compatible with my generlink?

You won’t need to convert into neutral, for as long as it says it is compatible with the chart, it will work as it is.



How does Generlink work?

The GenerLink is a Meter Mounted Transfer Switch that allows you to power your home or cottage in the event of a utility power outage.



What sizes do the Generlinks come in?

The Generlinks is available in a 30A and 40A options.



Do you have 50A Generlink unit available?

Generlinks only come in 30A and 40A unit. However, 40A has the option of the 14-50 plug which is what we recommend. You may check this link,



What length of cord do I need?

To determine how long your GenerLok cord should be, it is advised to measure the distance between your portable generator and the place where the GenerLink will be installed.



Do I need a generator in order to use GenerLink?

Yes, a generator is required to use the GenerLink system. You may easily connect your portable generator to the electrical system in your home using a device called GenerLink. Your generator serves as a source of backup power during a power outage. As an alternative to costly transfer switches and potentially dangerous extension cables, Generlink was created.



How do I identify the Status of my Generlink?

Identifier for the Status Lights:

1. Blue Status Light: GEN_ON
2. Green Status Light: UTIL_ON
3. Yellow Status Light: OVERLOAD
4. Red Status Light: FAULT

Explanation of the status:

GEN_ON: When this status light is illuminated, it indicates that generator power is present, and the generator is properly attached to the GenerLink, providing power.

UTIL_ON: When this status light is illuminated, it signifies that utility power is present, indicating a normal condition. If utility power is present in the home, and this light is NOT illuminated, maintenance is required, and the unit must be serviced by professionals.

OVERLOAD: The yellow status light indicates that the household load is greater than 30 amps. It is normal for this light to be illuminated while utility power is present. Before operating the GenerLink unit with a portable generator, the load must be reduced by turning off circuit breakers in the breaker panel.

FAULT: The red status light indicates an abnormal condition exists, and GenerLink’s safety circuits were initiated. However, the illumination of this light does not necessarily mean an unsafe condition exists. It is normal for this light to momentarily illuminate when GenerLink cycles between generator and utility power. If the red fault status light is continuously illuminated, connecting a generator to GenerLink is not recommended, and immediate service is required. In such a case, the utility or the approved installer should be contacted.

These identifiers provide clear and concise descriptions of the status lights’ functionalities, making it easier for users to understand the system’s current state and any necessary actions to be taken.

Green light off, red light on – hazardous condition! Call electric utility or authorized installer.



Do I need a generator in order to use GenerLink?

GenerLink serves as an interconnection device that allows you to directly link your portable generator to your home’s wiring system. In the event of a power outage, your generator becomes the essential backup power source. GenerLink offers a cost-effective and safer option compared to using expensive transfer switches and risky extension cords.


How is GenerLink different from a transfer switch?

GenerLink advantages over traditional transfer switches:

1. Quick and Easy Installation: GenerLink is installed outside the home at the electric meter in less than 30 minutes, while traditional transfer switches can take about two to three hours and require re-wiring of the home’s electric system.

2. Flexibility in Appliance Selection: GenerLink allows you to choose the specific appliances you want to run from your home’s breaker panel, up to the capacity of your generator. In contrast, basic transfer switches typically have a limited number of hard-wired circuits (6 to 8 circuits), restricting the number of appliances you can connect.

3. Ability to Run Larger Appliances: GenerLink utilizes the existing breaker panel, enabling you to run any large 120 or 240-volt appliance up to your generator’s capacity. Appliances like well pumps, water heaters, sump pumps, electric ranges, clothes dryers, and electric baseboard heaters can be operated on a rotation basis with GenerLink. Some traditional transfer switches and sub panels may only have one or two 240-volt circuits rated at 15 or 20-amps, which may not accommodate heavier loads like hot water heaters and electric ranges.


Is there any potential for damage to my appliances?

GenerLink is designed to function as an interconnection device and serves to
connect your generator to your home. There is no risk of damage to your appliances created by the GenerLink device. You should exercise care when selecting your generator to ensure you are buying a high quality generator.


What happens if the generator gets overloaded?

Ensure that your generator is equipped with a circuit breaker that will automatically activate if there is an overload. If your generator lacks this essential feature, it cannot be used with GenerLink. In the event that the generator’s circuit breaker trips, take the following steps: turn off all the household circuit breakers in your breaker panel, reset the circuit breaker on the generator, and then restart the generator. To ensure safe operation, consult your generator owner’s manual for comprehensive instructions.


What is a power cord?

The power cord is composed of the following components:

1. A standard GenerLok connector, designed to connect with GenerLink.

2. A four-wire, 8-gauge cable that is insulated, heavy-duty, outdoor rated, and water-resistant.

3. An appropriate NEMA connector for your generator, depending on its 20-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp 120/240-volt output.

To ensure your generator’s power quality, it is advisable to select a power cord length as close as possible to the measured distance between the meter and the generator.


What if my generator connector does not have a straight or locking 14-20,14- 30, or 14-50 connector?

Some generators are fitted with connectors that are not 14-20, 14-30 or 14-50.
Consult with your local utility or a GenerLink Authorized Reseller to determine if your generator can be used to connect with GenerLink.


What gauge wire is used to make the cord?

10 gauge wire is used. The cord is heavy duty, outdoor rated, fire and water
resistant and is appropriate for cords up to 65 feet for a 50- amp circuit.


I have meter-based surge protection, but want GenerLink. Should I get hard-wired surge protection?

If your GenerLink unit is equipped with whole house surge protection it will
eliminate the need for meter based or hard wired surge protection devices.


How can I join as a partner?

To become one of our partners, please complete the form available at this link:


How to Protect Your Home and Appliances from Voltage Surges?

Surges can occur on power, cable TV, telephone and data lines. They are caused by many sources: lightning, the switching of utility equipment on the electric grid, electrical accidents, heavy motor or heavy loads from a nearby industry or locally, by microwave ovens, laser printers and copiers, air conditioner compressor motors and even lights being turned on and off.

GenerLink with Surge Protection:

• Protects household equipment including appliances and hard-wired systems not protected by power strips. Plus, it provides enhanced protection for household electronics.

• Provides protection beyond typical point-of-use power strips and plug-ins.

• Produces an audible alarm when the devices requires service.

• Protects against spikes up to 100,000 amps on the electric system.

• Provides a lifetime white goods warranty of $1,000/appliance and/or $10,000/house.

• Is meter-based and will provide the first line of defense at your home’s service entrance and for your wired appliances from voltage surges. (Refer to the Terms and Conditions for service instructions)

To protect sensitive plugged-in appliances and equipment, you should combine GenerLink (with surge protection) with outlet-strip/ plug-in surge protectors. Purchase high quality plug-in strips to protect sensitive equipment and appliances such as your computer and audio/visual equipment. Always consult your specific appliance owner’s manual before installing plug-in surge strips

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